globe with a mask

Post-COVID business & people

Obviously, with the lockdowns, curfews, travel bans, and such, e-commerce is living its renaissance. Many are now jumping the wagon, but let’s not forget about all the related and supporting businesses. Heck – even the new fields altogether.

Logistics and delivery (trucks, cars, bikes, drones!?) and drivers (deliverers) for those; more cars I assume (because nobody goes by public transport if anyhow possible), which means probably used (read: cheap) vehicles sales primarily.

Storage space – because where would you move your office furniture after canceling the lease. Coffee shops and restaurants can switch to catering and food delivery.

Psychiatrists and marriage counseling – as now, all of a sudden, you got to know your family members a lot better… while freaking out from the lack of travel, leisure time, personal space, or social contacts.

For example, I always thought opening a drive-through pharmacy or a drive-through liquor store would be a hit. Maybe/probably these already exist somewhere in the world, but in my country, there aren’t any. In these times of physical distancing, maybe it’s the right moment for such an investment.