Shopify vs WooCommerce

In the past few months, I’ve been asked a couple of times whether I would be choosing Shopify or Woo for an e-commerce site.

In this Covid-triggered expansion of online shops from the mid-2020, Shopify has picked up the pace and significantly grew in the volume of searches on Google globally (as Trends state). And I think for a good reason: for a beginner online business owner, without a dev team or previous such experience, a Shopify store can be set and configured within a day or two.

However, even though the lack of ability to configure much of the tech set up on Shopify isn’t what a beginner might be bothered about (and actually is a benefit for him/her), this is where WordPress with WooCommerce jumps in. Or maybe even BigCommerce? Magento, I wouldn’t even consider…

So, to wrap up, for a young and understaffed e-comm company still experimenting with products to sell or market-fit, Shopify is probably a better solution. This is why drop-shippers choose it.

But, for a better-funded company with more dev power, a WooCommerce store built with a headless frontend is definitely my weapon of choice!

P.S. If it is a subscription-based business, then some additional arguments could be considered: like support for proper attribution tracking in Google Analytics. More about that in some of the next articles…