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Are you sure you have correct Google Analytics data in your account?
Do you need your marketing channels correctly tracked in order to know your ROI?
Are you looking for ways to increase goal conversion rate or revenue?

More than 80% of GA accounts are not set up in a right way, based on my experience. Data is either duplicated, incorrect, or is just not tracking the right metrics important for your business success. On top of that, GDPR, a new EU Privacy Policy, is now enforced, so your tracking needs to be aligned with that as well.

Does this make you wonder if your Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager tracking are actually working for you? Then let me help you by setting it all up correctly so that you can make informed decisions based on the right data!

Client Testimonials:

Google Analytics Cross Domain Tracking

Igor is awesome! He went above and beyond the requirements of the job and was extremely helpful sorting out my Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager issues.

Dynamic Event Tracking setup for Active Campaign

Really nice working with Igor, an honest and sincere guy! Great communication, available throughout the day and delivered good work on this Google Tag Manager/Active Campaign-integration.

Jan-Ove Torsvik

Optimizely X with Google Universal Analytics integration

Igor was great. I had a problem with Optimizely that would have taken a lot of back and forth with their Support to figure out. He took care of it for me in a few hours. He found out what was wrong with some code Optimizely had, he implemented a workaround and submitted a bug ticket to Optimizely. I didn’t have to do anything. I would highly recommend him…totally worth it

Andrew Woo

Google analytics and Visual Website Optimizer

We are very pleased with Igor’s work as he helped us not only take control of our Analytics account but he also helped us understand where we could improve performance and sales on our website. If you need to hire one guy to help you with your web statistics, I would choose him!

Joakim Hansson

These are the most common cases I work on involving Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager:

1. your GA is showing a high percentage of Direct in traffic sources - existing cross-domain, iFrame, mobile device traffic or offline campaigns;
2. bounce rate is very low in GA (less than 20%) - incorrect tracking setup;
3. number of conversions is much higher or lower than expected (either in Google Analytics or in Adwords, Facebook, Bing, LinkedIn, etc.) - Google Tag Manager not triggering correctly or a wrong tracking setup;
4. page views and events not tracked at all on a single page app or website (built in Angular, React or some custom platform) - GA and GTM non-standard setup;
5. you need to find out about the on-site behavior of every single user - GA and GTM advanced user setup.

Core services:
- Google Analytics setup (standard or custom), QA and debugging, Google Analytics e-commerce
- Google Tag Manager setup, custom JavaScript tracking
- Google Analytics reporting and dashboards
- Google Analytics API
- Google Analytics GDPR (EU Privacy Policy) tracking alignment

Auxiliary services:
- split testing setup and consulting (Optimizely, VWO)
- Adwords management and reporting, tracking setup and debugging
- HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP
- WordPress, Shopify, Joomla, Drupal, Magento
- Klipfolio custom dashboards

Also, in case you need additional assurance, you can see that I am Google Analytics Certified by looking at my portfolio samples below where there is a screenshot of the qualification. I believe every Google Analytics expert should renew their knowledge regularly and maintain the certificate validity.

I am usually available during US Eastern working hours but can accommodate calls during Europe working hours as well.

If you feel we are a good match and that I can help you, click on the blue button below and present me your Project. We could get on a call then and discuss details.

Looking forward to working with you on a next challenge!